Times Are Tough, But We’ve Been Through Tough Times Before

Posted by Kelly Greenlee

Tremendous flexibility, decades of experience and well-seasoned teams are navigating today’s challenges.

By Kelly Greenlee

Logistics has long been the backbone of the country, yet even before the pandemic, there were plenty of challenges we faced. We have been inundated with data about driver shortages, aging driver demographics, port congestion, soaring freight rates, and more. Unfortunately, many experts believe that these issues are not likely to improve anytime soon. With all these well-established disruptors that we’re currently living through, how does one survive these tough times?

The challenges facing the industry means that logistics and supply chain operations need to be creative in adapting business practices. Freight providers who have been constantly revising and updating their practices over the years don’t have to play catch up when the industry shifts. They are ready to be nimble.

As some big companies become strictly technology-focused, RMX is capable of outperforming these companies because of our nimble and custom capabilities. The team behind the technology is what can maximize the tech. There is a lot of technology in the marketplace, and it’s a constant race to deploy new, game-changing technology. Some of these new deployments end up becoming mainstream tools and are incorporated into the marketplace. But sometimes the technology can become more of a roadblock than a useful tool. RMX leverages the most useful technology, but it’s only a single tool in our toolbox.

“We offer tremendous flexibility, long-term industry experience (coming up on 40 years), but what really differentiates us from the rest is our people. RMX is a very well-seasoned team that has decades of experience, which translates to decades of industry relationships. We still enjoy doing business with some of our original customers, and I think that speaks volumes.” – Kelly Greenlee, President of RMX Global

Times are tough but we’ve come through it, all the while remaining a beacon of light in the storm for our customers. RMX’s powerful combination of commitment and capability provides you with a single source of professional and dependable transportation management.

Our customers know the difference. There is a reason we are their ‘go to’ logistics provider. Contact us today and experience the RMX difference.

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