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RMX has launched a custom logistics management app and website to provide customers and carriers with a seamless digital experience. After being in business for over 37 years, RMX continues to invest in technology to provide freight industry solutions paired with breakthrough technology. With the new online systems and mobile app, customers and carriers have complete visibility and can effortlessly request a quote, track orders, see available loads, bid on loads, and more.

RMX transforms logistics management collaboration with their modern tools and decades of experience. With expertise in all modes of domestic freight and experience in all areas of logistics, they provide the most efficient and progressive technological solutions in the industry.

Visit the new website to learn about the services they offer, their experience and history, and to access the Quick Quote and Loadboard for the customer and carrier interfaces. The mobile app is powered by McLeod Logistics Software, a fully-integrated trucking dispatch operations management system and a complete accounting software solution designed for all aspects of transportation and logistics.

Technology make our customer’s business run more efficiently.

The RMX platforms lets customers track the real-time location of their order, receive updates via push notifications and emails, view invoices, access custom reporting, and more. The easy to use website and app allows you to book all aspects of your business with the click of a button.

Our Quick Quote platform allows customers to analyze the approximate cost of booking before placing an order. Integrated technology enables users to easily access their delivery status and to uncover deep insights that will have a greater impact on the business as a whole. Access reports that map directly back to the KPIs that are most important to your business, data that can fuel smart business decisions and improve profit margins, and solutions that improve efficiency and accuracy. RMX goes beyond basic dispatching, routing, or scheduling and gives access to the insights that truly affect business process improvements.

Final-mile deliveries can also be challenging given requirements, service level agreements, etc. The technology behind final-mile operations has become vital to how businesses within this sector of the supply chain work. The RMX solution streamlines this process.

Technology allows our carriers to gain more control.

RMX understands the challenges carriers face in this turbulent industry. Our goal is to help them maintain profitability, while offering a host of valuable services such as truck posting and freight finding, compliance education, and better payment options.

With the simple sign up and one step bid application, carriers and drivers can easily opt for available loads in the RMX Loadboard. They can effortlessly select pick up and drop off preferences, get real-time load updates via push notifications and email, submit bids for loads, and choose from multiple payment options with the RMX carrier web page and mobile app.


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We simplify complex logistics challenges so customers and carriers can focus on running their business. RMX is known for efficient, progressive, and customer-focused solutions to improve freight transportation. With over 37 years of experience, we are able to offer you an established transportation partner service that also continually provides innovative technology. Whatever goals your company has, the RMX team is dedicated to finding the best solution to fit your needs.

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