With decades of experience in logistics services, RMX is an ideal 4PL partner to help you bring together the resources, capabilities, and technology within your company as well as outside resources to design, build and run a comprehensive and cost-effective supply chain solution.

> RMX transportation management software
> Optimization software, best cost determination
> Decision matrix software, optimal carrier determination
> Electronic order tender EDI/FTP
> EDI transaction set support including: 204, 990, 214, and 210
> Route guide compliance tracking for all modes
> RMX backup on all rejected and seasonal lanes
> All pickup and delivery appointments
> Complete web visibility for all modes
> Web based accessorial management and approval as well as all other web services
> Equipment inventory management
> Pickup and delivery performance reporting for all activity
> Data file transfer of all shipping activity to 3rd party freight payment
> RFP execution and implementation, including web based route guides
> RFP/Bid Management
> TMS solution for customer of all sizes
> Freight optimizer
> Load or mode consolidation

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