RMX Celebrates Promotions and Retirement

Posted by Kelly Greenlee

By Kelly Greenlee, President, RMX

Transitions are par for the course for a thriving company such as RMX Global Logistics, but a few particularly significant changes have recently occurred—two of them are cause for celebration while one is a bittersweet partial goodbye.

First off, an absolutely integral part of RMX, Brad Collins, our Vice President of Logistics, is retiring after 39 years of sterling accomplishments and moving into a consultant role. That is over fourteen thousand days of helping the company navigate a wide variety of market conditions and stand out as a leader in logistics brokerage. Brad started with the company in the position of logistics specialist. From there he steadily moved up the ladder, from Manager to Director to Vice President. His advancements, hard work, and innovative mindset have been an inspiration to observe in action over the years. The bad news is that we’ll no longer be seeing Brad on a regular basis. The good news is that he will still have an association with RMX as he moves into a new role as a consultant for our company. We wish Brad success as he eases into his retirement.

Reason to Celebrate

Second, we have some exciting management changes to highlight. 

Matt Reingold is now Vice President of Operations. It’s a well-deserved promotion, and I couldn’t be more pleased to announce it. Matt previously managed our New York office and Last Mile Division. If past is prologue, then Matt’s demonstrated commitment to innovation and drive efficiency bode extremely well for the future. His operational acumen ensures that he will continue to deliver the goods.

Kevin Clinkscales is taking on the mantle of Senior Vice President. Kevin has been making exceptional contributions to RMX for 26 years while managing our operations, and it’s great to see his dedication receive the recognition it deserves with this promotion. A company’s success is predicated on people who are all about hard work and dedication and who provide strategic insights that drive operational growth. Kevin exemplifies these qualities. 

As president of RMX, I know everyone in the company joins me in extending heartfelt congratulations to Brad, Matt, and Kevin as well as a big, enthusiastic “thank you” for the great work they have done and will no doubt continue to do. All of them possess a deep appreciation of our commitment to prioritizing customers, our cutting-edge technological advancements, and our first-rate troubleshooting abilities. They exemplify the type of people who make RMX the successful, forward-looking enterprise that it is and the reason we have been around for 40 years. 

About RMX

RMX Global Logistics is a federally-licensed broker with offices around the United States. We simplify complex logistics challenges so customers and carriers can focus on running their businesses. RMX is known for efficient, progressive, and customer-focused solutions to improve freight transportation. Since 1983, we’ve carried a legacy of commitment to excellence.

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