Last Mile Logistics At Last!

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With the invaluable feedback of our valued customers, we’ve finally launched Last Mile Logistics, LLC. Last Mile takes all the headache out of their delivery process into a major city and save you money on your overall transportation by relieving your biggest issue, which is delivering into NYC.

Last Mile Logistics, LLC has a long history providing transportation in and around NYC, over 50 years, and was formed to meet the growing final mile delivery needs. We have been serving the perishable food industry in wholesale, logistics, and warehousing since 1947 with our long line of premium affiliates in and around NYC such as RMX Global Logistics, Westside Foods, Vista Food Exchange, Austin Meats, New York Prime Beef, and Deal City Cold Storage. Our ability to navigate the difficult challenges of final mile delivery in the northeast has allowed us to be a preferred vendor for some of the major protein providers in the United States and provide them with warehousing and transportation solutions. Like all of our other companies, we customize our business to what is relevant and current in the marketplace. Our business grows when you grow by offering unparalleled transportation and logistics opportunities.

Our user-friendly technology allows you to be a part of your shipment with real-time tracking and updates. Our easy to use app allows you to book all aspects of your business with the click of a button. You will have live GPS tracking, and push notifications to cell phones and emails for load updates. Final-mile deliveries can be challenging given requirements, service level agreements, etc. The technology behind final-mile operations has become vital to how businesses within this sector of the supply chain work. Our solution enables users to easily access their delivery status and to uncover deep insights that will have a greater impact on the business as a whole. Access reports that map directly back to the KPIs that are most important to your business, data that can fuel smart business decisions and improve profit margins, and solutions that improve efficiency and accuracy. Go beyond basic dispatching, routing or scheduling and gain the insights that truly affect business process improvements.

We are strategically located in two locations. The Hunts Point Co-op Market in the Bronx, New York and Carteret, New Jersey. This gives us immediate access to all five boroughs as well as major interstate highways that service the northeast region. Allow your trucks to drive on the easy road, while we take on the hard ones.

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