As the refrigerated market expands, who will stand out?

Posted by Kelly Greenlee
By Kelly Greenlee


The refrigerated transport market continues to grow as there is rising demand among consumers for quality, safe food and restaurants are now back in full swing.

The healthcare industry also continues to grow which adds pressure onto the already busy temperature-controlled transportation market. Increased demand and the projected future growth makes the reefer business appealing to many.

While some businesses closed their doors over recent years, some are trying their hand at the refrigerated business. Some companies have gone through acquisitions of a refrigerated company in order to expand their business and participate in the booming market. However, these newcomers could face some bumps in their merger process which can trickle down to the shipper’s experience. In addition, there are regularly revised regulations on transportation of foods and other temperature-sensitive cargo. Knowing the nuances of these regulations as well as following best practices can make a world of difference in maintaining quality control and ensuring a smooth delivery process.

Are They a Perishable Shipping Expert?

Shippers can face frustration when they sign up with a 3PL to handle their temperature-controlled freight only to discover their provider doesn’t have the necessary knowledge or qualified network to follow through on their needs.  RMX Global has been specializing in the food freight industry for decades. Our company was formed to meet the needs of the food products industry and we continue to lead with our expertise in this area of service. We have seen other providers making promises that couldn’t be kept and it leaves the customer with compromised cargo. There is only so much we can do at that point to help them.

Working with a freight broker who is experienced in refrigerated freight and has a network of qualified carriers could save the customer a lot of headaches. It will be interesting to see which firms stand out and continue to deliver on their promises.

At RMX, we have always been dedicated to going the extra mile for our customers by delivering reliable freight service nationwide. In addition to industry expertise, RMX also invests heavily in technology upgrades to provide a mix of easy-to-use apps, website portals, online quotes… and still maintains the level of service that our customers expect. We even launched a final mile logistics delivery service in the Northeast to solve our customers difficulties delivering perishables in and around NYC. Last Mile Logistics was born out of our continuing dedication to being there for our customer’s needs. After 38 years, we haven’t grown complacent. We still look for ways to impress our customers and carriers.

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