Website Enhancement for RMX Global Logistics

Evergreen, CO - RMX Global Logistics is a third party logistics solutions provider. RMX is excited to introduce a new website. The focus of the website is to give customers and service provider’s information and tools they need all in one place. The new site gives users access to more detailed and up to date information on all capabilities RMX has to offer. Our improved website is now live. 

Vice President, Lance Roberts, believes the new website will be easy to navigate for everyone, “The new site provides information upfront with a clear navigational structure. It will be easy for anyone to get a grasp of what our company can provide and why they should choose us,” Roberts said.

The clean design and navigation structure makes it easy for users to find new website features. The recently added features are readily available weather and fuel price information and a logistics RSS feed. The latest features include critical real time updates for the logistics industry. Weather and fuel price information is readily updated. Logistics RSS (rich site summary) feed are current industry topics. RMX site offers all the information to get the solution you’re looking for.  

At a glance the website allows accessibly to all our services quickly. The site includes a complete overview of RMX solutions, carriers, experiences and technology. Customers and partners can now log into their accounts straight from the homepage. This gives customers direct access to the tools that help manage their businesses. 

RMX has recently invested money in its people, infrastructure, processes and procedures to ensure reduced risk, increased profits and improved service standards. By investing in infrastructure RMX will have a positive impact on long-run performance and also have short-run benefits for the company. Our infrastructure has helped customers eliminate redundancy and improve efficiencies as well as offer real-time access to all of their data. RMX developed key performance indicators specifically to our customers and their industry requirements.