New Office Expects to be One of the Best

Bronx, New York- RMX provider of third party logistics solutions is excited to announce the expansion of our office in Bronx, NY.  RMX has now expanded to nine offices throughout the United States with the corporate office located in Evergreen, CO. RMX opened the new office in response to the opportunity to expand business and work towards meeting new goals.  

Matthew Reingold is the manager of New Hampshire office and now the New York office as well. Reingold has extremely high expectations for the New York office. “We plan on bringing on a team of very aggressive sales people to try to capitalize on the heavy volume of trucking in the Tri-State region,” Reingold said. The goal is to have the New York office filled to capacity within a year.  

The new office corresponds with new branding and marketing strategies.  RMX located in New York City gives us tremendous opportunity to support and expand the company’s reach. RMX growth is achieved organically. We are increasing output and enhancing sales with the new office in New York.  

In 2014, RMX increased its revenue 11.2% from $58.5MM to $65.1MM. The company has projected a 38% increase this year with a target revenue of $90MM. The new office will be an important part of reaching those projections.  RMX is able to grow because of our experience in the industry for over 30 years. Our technologies let us continually improve operations. 

Reingold states, “I am looking forward to a very productive and profitable office here in New York in the months ahead. The opportunities we have being located in New York City are endless and I expect our office to be one of the best in the company.”