New Brand Identity With Refreshed Corporate Logo

Evergreen, CO— RMX provider of third party logistics solutions is thrilled to announce a new brand identity with a refreshed corporate logo.  RMX is unveiling a new logo that builds on the company’s image and creates a modern look and feel for RMX. The new logo is part of a corporate rebranding and marketing plan that supports the purpose, values and culture for the future of RMX.  

RMX’s logo has been modernized to reflect, yet maintain the integrity of the key elements of the original version, such as the globe shape and the arrows. The old logo was built upon the global logistics industry. RMX shifted to the new logo which still gives the impression of a globe, but is a cleaner version.  

The new rebranding and marketing effort will be rolled out throughout the next year.  The new corporate brand reflects a modern, approachable look that identifies with the company in the logistics global industry. A full story of the company’s history can be found on the newly designed website