RMX will build the right solution for your forestry products. We have experience in the forestry and paper industry.The ability to efficiently move your freight through the global supply chain is critical to your business. We ship an array of forestry products.  

What makes us the right choice for your forestry?

  • Insurance policy offers additional insurance or complete freight insurance for higher than normal value products to mitigate risk.
  • Traceability ensures transparency, so your products can be traced from the beginning of the supply chain to their final use.
  • Our carriers adhere to rigorous processes to ensure safe transport of your retail freight, including proper packing and secure pallet preparation.
  • Safe, on-time delivery prevents high claims and enables immediate processing.
  • Seal Policy ensures that your products reach their destination with an unbroken seal, for maximum safety and security.
  • We offer complete supply chain integration, including the use of RFID tags.

RMX is a proud member of the following organizations: 


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