Food safety is the top priority of the heavily regulated dairy industry. Bioterrorism is always a concern. No matter what transportation modes you choose, our network of reputable and knowledgeable carriers will focus on product safety. We work closely with the IDFA to stay ahead of the regulations and ensure that your products meet mandatory requirements. We also work with experts from the USDA, FDA, and Department of Homeland Security to continually develop processes that exceed industry standards—reducing your risk from farm to fork.

What makes us the right choice for your dairy freight?

  • Our seal policy ensures that your products reach their destination with an unbroken seal, for maximum safety and security.
  • Traceability ensures transparency, so your products can be traced from the beginning of the supply chain to their final use.
  • All vehicles, containers, and equipment are cleaned and sanitized prior to every pick up.
  • Our carriers always follow dairy temperature guidelines, using pre-cooled containers and the latest temperature-monitoring technology.
  • We minimize handling of your freight to prevent contamination and spoilage.
  • We offer services that adhere to Kosher dairy transport rules.
  • FDA, USDA, and Department of Homeland Security policies for dairy products are always enforced.

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