RMX Global Logistics

3rd Party Logistic Services

Engineering design and support

The RMX engineering team is responsible for the research, development, and design of 3rd & 4th party logistics solutions for new and ongoing RMX clients.

  • Initial program setup – establish connectivity, order flows, daily procedures and communication channels.  The team will coordinate with key groups; customer service, sales, inventory, and shipping personnel to identify each groups specific needs and challenges and then factor those findings into their preparation of procedures and web base design.  The team will travel to all plant and office locations to meet with key personnel.
  • Training – in the event of on-site personnel, once the setup processes are completed the team will then stay on-site to train the permanent on-site personnel team and support the startup of the project for at least the first 30 days.
  • Ongoing support – the team will provide periodic program and personnel evaluations, as well as make recommendations for ongoing cost savings initiatives.
  • Cross training – the team will cross train key operational personnel to provide on-site personnel services in the event of vacation or illness.


On-site personnel

All loads tendered to RMX contract carriers

The on-site RMX employee will create or build loads from the shipping requirements supplied by your customer service or production staff.  Transportation modes are evaluated, selected, and the pricing confirmed.  Loads are then tendered to one of our many contract carriers.

Performance tracking

All loads are monitored from pickup through delivery.  We track on time performance on each lane, and react immediately to areas of concern.  This is our commitment to continuously improve our service levels.

Cost tracking and analysis

  • Consolidation and direct ship cost savings
  • Accessorial cost tracking and analysis
  • Unloading cost and savings tracking

Appointment scheduling

RMX on-site employees set all pickup and delivery appointments.  We are constantly communicating with your shipping locations and your customers.  Because we monitor all loads through delivery we are also able to inform your customers of last minute changes.

Communications liaison

We are the communication link in your organization between Production, Customer Service, and Sales.  Our staff is trained to interact professionally with people at all levels of your organization.

Carrier relations

RMX will manage your carrier network and make this function invisible to your organization.  We contract, communicate, negotiate, and ensure compliance with all carriers moving your goods.

Order optimization, best cost/carrier determination

On on-site staffs are trained logistics technicians.  Their function while at your location is to manage your transportation budget as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  Optimizing and planning for your product flow into the market place will help your organization meet its financial goals.

OS & D reconciliation

Over, short, and damage issues require full time management to minimize their effect on your company’s bottom line.  RMX manages all of your OS & D issues not only to minimize this effect on your profits, but also to plan and prevent future issues from arising.

Performance reports

We are proud of our On Time performance.  Our industry leading average of 97% on time performance is a goal we are constantly striving to improve.  We internally generate reports to help us constantly remain aware of our service goals.  As our customer we will gladly share these results with you in a variety of report formats.

Electronic order download

Interactive web enabled services, real time shared visibility

Carrier reconciliation and payment

Annual business reviews

  • The review provides a complete open book summary and analysis of logistics measurements including:
    • Initiative measurements
    • Performance summaries, including consignee specific performance
    • Complete lane analysis, including lane by lane profitability review

24 / 7 Support